About Reduction of Stunting

Stunting reflects children's failure to achieve their growth and development potential, because of the cumulative effects of persistent nutrition deprivation. Long term consequences of stunting in early childhood are reduced survival , linear growth, cognitive development, school achievement & economic productivity. Fortunately it is totally preventable if addressed properly and timely. This module covers most of the intervention areas of nutrition and explains the why, where, when and how of actions to prevent stunting. This module is helpful for health & ICDS functionaries, civil society members and others who are willing to know about stunting and how to prevent this.

About Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM)

Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is defined by very low weight for height/length (Z score below -3SD of the median WHO child growth standard) and/or a mid upper arm circumference less than 115 mm and/or by the presence of nutritional bipedal edema.

Children with (SAM) have nine times higher risk of death than well nourished children. Children with SAM, when managed in specialized nutrition rehabilitation centers (NRC) with skilled manpower and adequate resources followed by care at home have very high level of survival.

This module covers all the areas of management of children with (SAM) in health institution. This module is helpful for the Nutrition counselors, Nursing professionals, ANMS, and health care professionals.